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Gabbiano Top Team Volley Pallavolo Mantova 2022

Farmamed for sport

The TopTeam Volleyball Club was born in the summer of 1998 when a group of friends, former players and great volleyball fans decided to buy a Sports law of C series.


In 2004 the TopTeam Volleyball Club left the legal form of a simple Amateur Sports Association becoming a limited liability company (SRL).

In 2006-2007 championship, the TopTeam Volleyball Club reached the long-awaited promotion in A2. 


For the next 4 years, the Club had been the main character of tournaments with internationally renowned athletes.


In 2018 summer, Mr. Carlo Dodi’s family approached the TopTeam Volleyball Club.

The family who has supported Mantuan sport and our beloved volleyball.

This time, the agreement was signed by Carlo Dodi’s son, Andrea.


The Dodi’s family company, Gabbiano, already known in the world of volleyball in the 90s, officially entered the TopTeam Volleyball Club in 12-20-2018.

And the Club changes its name from Top Team Volley Mantova to Gabbiano Top Team Volley Mantova.