• Functional underwear
  • Electromedical devices
  • First aid kit
  • Germicidal lamps

Product lines

  • Dressing
  • Foot care
  • Daily well-being
  • NaturLip lip balms

Farmamed: health and well-being at your fingertips

For years, FarmaMed has been caring for the whole family with products that provide a prompt response to the minor ailments that irrupt everyone's life on an almost daily basis.


The Farmamed dressing line contains everything needed for home first aid: plasters, bandages, gauze, disinfectants and various accessories.

Foot Care

The new Farmamed Foot Care line is a complete programme for the well-being of your feet!

NaturLip lip balms

Discover Farmamed's new lip balms, natural and tested, even for the most sensitive skin!

Daily well-being

A complete range of products for wellbeing and prevention of the most common ailments, from pain relief products to thermometers, self-diagnosis instruments, and various accessories.

Electromedical devices

Devices for domestic use, easy to use, safe and reliable.

Functional underwear

A line of 100% Made in Italy multifunctional garments designed for everyday use, for sporting and non-sporting activities. Breathable and lightweight, seamless.

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From our shop

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Infrared non contact 4in1 multifunction thermometer
FarmaMed misuratore pressione da polso
Wrist blood pressure monitor
FarmaMed 5429 Nebulizzatore Portatile Mesh Aerosol
Portable nebulizer with Mesh technology
FarmaMed Elettrostimolatore Collo
Neck electronic stimulator
FarmaMed 05426 Elettrostimolatore Muscolare TENS EMS SPORT FITNESS
TENS+EMS Electrical muscle stimulator
FarmaMed bilancia pesapersone bluetooth
Bluetooth smart body fat scale
FARMAMED Termometro Infrarossi Senza Contatto
Infrared non contact thermometer
05447 FarmaMed Pulsossimetro, Saturimetro, Ossimetro
Pulse oximeter
Lampada D'appoggio X Sito (1)
UV germicidal lamp
FarmaMed Lampada Germicida UVC portatile
Portable UV germicidal lamp
Misuratore pressione braccio FarmaMed
Arm blood pressure monitor
Nebulizzatore portatile Mesh FarmaMed
Portable nebuliser with mesh technology
Nebulizzatore Indossabile
Wearable nebuliser with mesh technology
Panoramica Kit Borsa Medica
Sports medical bag
Prova Pressione Posa 5
Massagg. Acceso 1
Massaggiatore Addome e Fascia lombare

Discover the FarmaMed lines

FarmaMed Cerotto Dita


Health first! Farmamed's historic line includes plasters, bandages, gauze, disinfectants, syringes and everything you need for first aid.

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Foot care

A complete foot care programme with easy-to-use, practical products with visible results.

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Daily well-being

A complete range of products for well-being and the prevention of the most common ailments. The line includes products for pain relief (hot-cold therapy), thermometers, instruments for self-diagnosis and nose and ear accessories.

Balsami Labbra

NaturLip lip balms

The lips are one of the most delicate parts of the body, and certainly one of the most exposed to environmental conditions. Farmamed lip balms protect the lips and help to keep them naturally soft and moisturised.

Farmamed Intimo Funzionale

Functional underwear

A range of 100% Made in Italy multifunctional garments designed for everyday use.

FarmaMed Saturimetro, Pulsossimetro, Ossimetro, Saturimetro da dito, Pulsossimetro da dito, Ossimetro da dito

Electromedical devices

Health at hand! Compact, reliable and easy-to-use products to monitor the health of the whole family at home.


First aid kit

Compact and roomy medical bag, everything you need for first aid. Particularly useful in sports or the workplace.

Palestra Spogliatoio Anti Batteri2 Senza Grafica

Germicidal lamps

Thanks to the UV-C produced, Farmamed germicidal lamps are able to effectively eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and mould and 100% of mites within their range.